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The 2020 General Election date is November 3rd.

All active voters in Brandon and throughout the state of Vermont will receive their ballots by mail for the General Election in November. The Vermont Secretary of State’s Office will be mailing ballots in mid to late September. You should expect a ballot sometime at the end of September or early October.

You may return your ballot in the following manner:

  1. Mail back to Town Clerk using the outer envelope provided, mail must reach us before November 3
  2. Bring into the Town Clerk’s office prior to Tuesday, November 3
  3. Drop into the drop boxes in front of Town Office or at Neshobe School before November 3
  4. Return a voted ballot to the polls on November 3

Make sure you read the instructions on the enclosed envelope before sending your ballot back. You must sign the certificate envelope and put your voted ballot in the certificate envelope, and then insert that into the return mailing envelope.

If you do not receive a ballot please contact the town office. We may not have a current address for you, and can issue one from the office.

If you show up at the polls without the ballot you were mailed, you will have to fill out an affidavit before voting.

The Town Clerk will keep you posted on the location of Brandon’s polling place in November.

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