Brandon Bags & Brews – Cornhole League


Dates:       Wednesdays (June 19*, 26, July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 August 7)
June 19 is free play
6 week regular season play starts June 26
Playoff night is August 7
Time:         6:00 – 8:00 PM
Where:      Estabrook Park
Cost:         $40/Team

Come play cornhole at Estabrook Park. Our forth summer season of a bags league. First week is open play, followed by 6 weeks of regular season to determine seeding for the Playoff night which determine the league champs.

Regular season will determine seeding for the championship. The top 10 teams placed in the Corn on the Cob division, the bottom 10 will make-up the Creamed Corn division) Winners from both divisions will received a t-shirt and paid entry into the Brandon Fire Department Vermont State Cornhole tournament in September 8th!

Sign-up Early, will fill quickly!

Using American Cornhole Association rules, our league will be fun way to play a great game and spend a beautiful summer evening pizza tossing and holing out.


How many people on a team? A minimum of 2 players per team must be present to play each week. We recommend signing up a team with 3-5 players per team to make sure enough people show up each week. Please you can always sub people in each night too! Substitutions can happen after a frame. If a player arrives during play, they may only join their team after a frame.

How long is a game? A regulation game lasts 45 minutes from the designated start time or until one team reaches 21 points in each game. You do not need to hit 21 exactly and can go over 21. We will play best out of three games against your scheduled opponent each night. If a team is winning 13-0, it is considered a skunk and that game is considered done.

What area can I stand in? You can be anywhere to the left or right of the board, as long as you stay on that side for the entire match. You can stand all the way up to the front of the board. Team mates will stand on opposite ends and on the same side.

How does cornhole work? The object is to be the first team to reach 21 points by either trowing the bag onto the board (1 point) or in the hole (3 points). Board will be placed approximately 27 feet (front to front) from each other. This distance is placed out by the league manager. Cornhole boards and bags will be provided. Each court consists of 2 boards and 8 bags.

How to play: Begin the game with a coin flip or play rock, paper, scissors between the two captains. The winner determines the end from which play will start and gets the first throw. In the playoffs, the higher seeded team has those privileges. Players may not cross the foul line, which is located at the front of the board. All players must throw from behind this line.

Scoring: A game consists of frames. Each team rotates throws their bags until all bags are thrown to the other side, at which point, the frame is complete. Each frame consists of calculating the difference of all the bags on the boards and in the hole at the end of the frame per team. The net points is kept track of from each frame. Example: Team A scores 8 points in frame 1 and Team B scores 2 points in frame 1. THis would mean that Team A would receive 6 points for that frame and would also be the team to throw first in the next frame.

What happens if a bag is knocked off the board? It is fair game and points are added up at the end of the frame.

Violations that can result in a bag being removed from the board/hole: 1)If a player crosess the foul line before the bag is released. 2)If a bag hits the ground before getting to the board. 3)If a bag strikes an object such as a tree limb.

What is there is a scoring issue/dispute? All questions and issues will be handled by the league manager. The league manager will make the final ruling on all protests. Please remember, we are all out here to have fun! At the end of the day, it is just cornhole with friends!

Rankings: These are calculated on the total overall match wins, followed by game win differentials. A win is given 1 point and a loss is given 0 points. So the winner each night will always get 2 points total. The loser will either have 0 points or 1 point.