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There will be a water shutdown on Friday, November 20th that will affect all customers on the Fire District water system. Work is scheduled to begin at 5pm with restoration back to normal operations by 2am.

The work to be performed will be at the intersection of Route 73 (Forest Dale Rd) and Route 53 (North Street). North Street will be closed from the Route 73 intersection to Newton/Middle Road. Route 73 will be reduced to one lane in the work area. Please drive with caution.

All areas in Town can experience a reduction in pressure. Water will be shut off on Forest Dale Road to customers from the intersection of Town Farm Rd east along Route 73 and will also affect the following streets: Frog Hollow, Paintworks, Basin, Frasier, McConnell, Kennedy, Ray Forrest and Middle Road. Water will also be off on North Street from Route 73 to Newton – Middle Road intersection. In Brandon, the Mt Pleasant area can also expect outages or significantly reduced pressure. Water shutdown is planned for 8 pm but areas should plan for reduction of pressure starting at 5 pm.

The shutdown may produce temporary discoloration but water quality should not be affected. We advise all users to schedule clothes washing and other cleaning projects to another time. Upon restoration of water service, please let your water run for 10-15 minutes before using or longer if it appears dirty or cloudy. The best place to flush your water is through an outside spigot or from your tub faucet.

Questions may be directed to the Fire District office at 247-3311 or email us at

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