Declaration of Inclusion

Proposed Charter (Option Tax)

Delinquent Tax / Sewer Policies

Notice of Right to Request Abatement

Policy for Collection of Delinquent Taxes

Policy for Collection of Delqinquent Sewer Taxes

Public Works Ordinances and Policies 

Access Ordinance

Road Opening Ordinance

Sewer Use Ordinance

Sign Policy – Maintenance and Procedure

Solid Waste Ordinance

Street Naming and Addressing Ordinance

Traffic Ordinance

Traffic Ordinance Amendment – July 23, 2018

Utility Line Ordinance

Winter Operations Policy

Rental Code Documents

Brandon Rental Housing Code

Emergency Management Documents

Emergency Management Ordinance

General Ordinances and Policies

Alcoholic Beverage Control Ordinance

Animal Control Ordinance

Business Hours for Holders of Third Class Licenses Ordinance

Community Service Organization Fundng Request Policy

Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Conduct Policy

Green Fleet Policy

Itinerant Vendor Ordinance & Application

Local Option Tax Revenue Policy

Policy on Politicking at the Polling Place

Reports of Appointed Boards, Commissions and Officials to the Select Board

Tax Stabilization Policy

Ordinance for the Use of Town Parks and Recreational Areas

Town Plan

Town Plan Adopted February 22, 2016 Amended October 14, 2019

Brandon Workbook

Brandon Workbook 2002

Zoning Documents

Act 250 Jurisdiction Ordinance

Brandon Land Use Ordinance (BLUO) Adopted July 27, 2020

Sidewalk Sign and Merchandise Display Ordinance