Public Works

Department of Public Works

The focus of the Department of Public Works (DPW) is to provide for the needs of the public in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.  Our staff is committed to providing a high level of service to the community and to ensuring the safe operation and maintenance of the Town’s infrastructure.

Public Works Director

Seth Hopkins, Town Manager
(802) 247-3635 (7AM - 4PM)
49 Center St, Brandon VT

Highway Department

The Highway Department maintains approximately 76 miles of road (of which 30 miles is gravel), 22 bridges and approximately 300 culverts and catch basins.

Town Highway Garage

Jeremy Disorda, Highway Division Chief
802-247-3600 (7AM - 3PM)
356 Champlain Street, Brandon VT

Wastewater Department

The Wastewater Department maintains approximately 22 miles of sewer main, 6 pump stations and approximately 100 manhole structures. The Wastewater Plant treats approximately 300,000 gallons of waste daily.

Wastewater Treatment

Steven Cijka, Chief System Operator
802-247-6730 (7AM - 3PM)
500 Union Street, Brandon VT

DPW Permit Information

*Before undertaking any construction within the Town of Brandon, please contact Elaine Smith (802) 247-3635 x201 as your project may require permits and/or damage deposits*

Permits: General Info & Fees

An access permit, also known as a driveway permit or curb cut permit, is required for all residential drives, commercial drives and private roads that connect to a town highway to include: construction of a new access; improvements to an existing access to accommodate a change of use or an increase in traffic (for example: converting a temporary logging access to a residential drive); alteration or reconfiguration of an existing access (for example: increasing the width of a drive).

Prices: Review $65
Damage Deposit $300

A sewer tap and /or reserved sewer capacity permit is required for any new connection to the municipal sewer system. A permit is also necessary to reserve additional sewer capacity for an existing connection (for example: construction of an addition or a change in use such as converting a residential home to a veterinary clinic) or to retap (connect a new lateral) to the Town’s sewer main.

Prices: Review $65
Damage Deposit $250
Sewer Capacity $2.79/gallon

An excavation permit, also known as a road opening permit, is required when excavating in any portion of a Town Highway right-of-way.  The Town’s right-of-way is usually 3 rods wide (49 ½ feet).

Prices: Review $65
Damage Deposit $300
*Resurfacing costs vary*

Additional Permit Information

Municipal Water Permits
Raymond Counter, Brandon Fire District #1 Water Superintendent
(802) 247-3311 or (802) 236-6169

Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation Permits
Interim Contact
(802) 477-2241

Local Land Use (Zoning) Permits
Jeffrey M. Biasuzzi, Zoning Administrator
(802) 247-3635 ext. 202