Marriage Licenses

There is an application that needs to be completed. The marriage license application is available here or it can be picked up at the town office or mailed or faxed. We ask that you submit the completed application as early as possible and then pick it up during the week prior to the big day. At that time the couple will be asked to sign and pay the fees which are currently $60.00 for the license and $10.00 for an optional certified copy.

Vermont residents need to apply for a marriage license in the town that either party resides in. Once the license has been issued individuals can then be married anywhere in the state. Those getting married from out of state can get the license from any town or city clerk and then be married anywhere in the state.

The license is valid for 60 days from the date it is issued. If the marriage doesn’t take place within that time period, the couple would have to reapply and pay the fees again. After the service has been performed, the officiant will then complete their section and return to the town of origin.

Dog Licensing

All dogs must be licensed by April 1st each year in the Town Clerk’s Office.

If your dog is over 6 months old:

MALE: $13.00
FEMALE: $13.00
SPAYED FEMALE: $9.00 (Includes $5.00 fee for State of Vermont).

After April 1st, the fee is 50% more. BE SURE TO BRING A CURRENT RABIES CERTIFICATE.

Vehicle Registration Renewals

We are no longer offering Vehicle Renewals through our offices, but you can renew yourself online by clicking here, or we can help you renew online if you would like to contact our office. You will need a printer to print the temporary registration form, and a debit or credit card to pay for the renewal.