Before renting out an apartment, house or mobile home a landlord must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy before a tenant moves into the unit.   Owners of rental property must also complete a compliance form for each unit every January.


The Rental Housing Officer is Thomas Kilpeck.

Call Tom at 802-247-3635 ext. 217 or email him at:


Link to Brandon Rental Housing Code
Link to Annual Statement of Compliance


Rental Housing Heat Reminder

The Vermont Rental Housing Health Code contains specific provisions for heating in rental properties.

All rental units and rooming houses must:

  1. Have functioning heating facilities, in good repair, which vent to the outside.
  2. Be able to provide heat when the outside temperature is less than 55° F.
  3. Be able to maintain a room temperature of at least 65° F in all habitable rooms.

And if the owner of a rental unit is providing heat to the occupants as part of a rental agreement (as in a lease where heat is included in the rent) he or she must provide heat to all habitable rooms when the temperature is below 55° F.