July 2023 Flooding: ROAD CLOSURES

4:24PM Thursday 20 July 2023:

The State of Vermont has reopened Champlain Street (VT 73 West).


10AM Wednesday 19 July 2023:

The highway department has reopened Pearl Street.

4:30PM Tuesday 18 July 2023:

Champlain Street (VT 73 West) is CLOSED again.


11AM Tuesday 18 July 2023:

Champlain Street (VT 73 West) is REOPENED.


6AM Tuesday 18 July 2023:

Union Street is REOPENED.

Still closed:  Lower Carver Street, Pearl Street, Champlain Street, Newton Road.


11:45AM Monday 17 July 2023:

Bicyclists and pedestrians: please observe road closures for your own safety and that of those working to restore roadways.


9:45AM Monday 17 July 2023:

Stone Mill Dam Rd has been reopened.

Wheeler Rd has been reopened.

End of update.


As of 6AM Monday 17 July 2023:

All roads below remain closed.  Additionally, Wheeler Rd at the extreme south end is closed due to flooding in the vicinity of the bridge and culvert.  Stone Mill Dam Road is *not* available as a detour and is coned / closed.

Newton Road flood bench / river repairs were made on Saturday.  The road flooded again Sunday night but with far less damage than the Friday night event.  State river officials will be in Brandon today to assess and recommend action.

End of update.


This post will be updated when anything changes.  As of noon Sunday 16 July 2023:

The following roads which closed midweek remain closed due to high water:
1. Carver Street (also known as Syndicate Road) south of Nickerson Road
2. Union Street one mile out from Brandon village
3. Pearl Street one mile out from Brandon village
4. Champlain Street (Vermont 73W) just west of Hollow Road and the overpass of the railroad

***Do not attempt to travel through water-covered areas of roadways.***

Friday night’s brief but intense storm caused the Neshobe River to overflow at the flood bench built at the east end of Newton Road in Forest Dale. **Newton Road is closed for its full length.** The town management team has been in touch with Vermont river management officials and obtained authorization for work to be done in the riverbed to restore the functionality of the flood bench and protect the Newton Road residents from further heavy precipitation expected during the weekend.  The outside contractor with heavy equipment and Town of Brandon crew and Town equipment were there Saturday working diligently.  Please avoid the attraction of “disaster tourism” — allow the outside equipment operators, town crew, and state river management officials to work safely and without interference or distraction.

Whenever you observe a barricade at a point in a road, that is generally the furthest safe point at which to turn around (individual homeowner access excepted). Please do not disregard posted signage and thereby put yourself in unnecessary danger. Doing so risks putting in harm’s way others who may be required to rescue you.

The Town staff appreciates all calls from the public to alert us to hazards as they arise. My cell phone number is (802) 247-3300 and I am available to all Brandon residents at any time for this purpose.

All of the above info is simply to say: “Exercise your best judgment at all times” to keep yourself and your fellow community members safe.

Respectfully submitted,
Seth Hopkins, town manager & emergency management director
Call or text (802) 247-3300