Prosper – Starts September 20th

An exciting new partnership has recently formed between the University of Vermont, the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union, and members of the greater RNESU community, including the Brandon Rec Department! Inspired by successful models in other Vermont communities, as well as the current momentum toward positive change in our own community, the PROSPER team is working to bring two new programs to the area, centralized in Otter Valley Union High School. These programs are designed and proven to prevent risky behaviors while increasing the positive skills that help youth and families become and remain successful.

SFP10-14 (Strengthening Families Program for parents and youth ages 10-14*) is a 7-week evening program focused on communication, empathy, responsibility and respect. During each 2.5 hour session, families are fed dinner, parents work with other parents while youth work with other youth, then all families come together at the end of the evening to play, practice what is learned and have fun together. The curriculum used in this program is proven to:

o   Strengthen parent/youth/family communication skills

o   Increase academic success in youth

o   Prevent adolescent substance abuse and risky behavior – providing tools for handling peer pressure, media pressure, confidence boosting and more.

The Fall session for SFP10-14 at Otter Valley Union High School runs Wednesday, September 20 – Wednesday November 1. *6th grade families are currently invited. 5th grade families are invited to inquire!



Printable Registration form:

LifeSkills is the second program offered to Otter Valley 7th graders starting this fall. LifeSKills compliments the information learned in SFP10-14, so youth entering 7th grade in fall ’18 who have participated in SFP10-14 with their families have a leg up on the curriculum!


For more info contact:

Kimberly Griffin

UVM Extension

P: 802.773.3349 x276